QB Late Round Sleepers in 2014


Paul Mills; @FFEarlybird

We all search for the that “Golden Gem” pick in our drafts. You know, that pick at the end of your draft that could actually propel your team to a Championship level. I will start at the QB position.
1.Carson Palmer- Yes he is 34 years old. But has a decent O’line, and a still surging Larry Fitzgerald, an emerging Michael Floyd, and a decent pass catching back with Andre Ellington. His completion percentage, TD’s and yardage  have gone up over the last two seasons. Albeit, his Interceptions have gone up as well. With a increasingly stout Defense, the Cardinals Offense will be on the field more. Which means more opportunities for Carson to get the rock to his tight core of ball catchers. Excellent bye week/spot start player.
2. Jake Locker- If only he could stay healthy. I know we can say that about a few players in this league but nothing could be more true in this case. The 8th overall pick in the 2011 draft is only 26 years old. He has a chance with his improving O’line, nice core of young receivers and his added rushing value. His accuracy has also been increasing slightly each year. He doesn’t have anybody breathing down his neck to take his starting spot either (Whitehurst, Wilson, Mettenberger). A high upside QB plug in starter.
3.Sam Bradford- I know; I thought the same thing too, but hear me out. The former number one overall pick out of Oklahoma can breathe a little easier. Most of us believed the Rams were going to select a QB to be the replacement for Bradford. That didn’t happen. With second year WR Tavon Austin looking to improve, and more importantly the potential rebounding ceiling for newly acquired Kenny Britt. Let’s not forget about Jared Cook’s potential  and there is still the young improving WR’s in Austin Pettis and Chris Givens. The Rams also have Zac Stacy to keep Defenses honest , giving Bradford more ability to get the ball downfield. Their fantasy playoff schedule is also nice as they have at the Redskins, home against the Cards and home against the Giants in weeks 14,15,16. Pairing him up with your every week starter, could be the key to fantasy success.
The Football Early Bird

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