10-5 last week as the Byes kick in. For the year, I am 38-25. Week 3 threw everybody for a loop, but let’s see if the old crystal ball is clear in Week 5.

Buffalo @ Cleveland – The Browns and Bills are surprising. Cleveland’s defense is stout but Buffalo has seemed to be able to move the football. Buffalo has the 16th overall offense vs the 3rd overall defense, while the Browns put their 24th rated offense against the 27th rated defense. I like Cleveland to win this one.  Browns 21 – Bills 13.

New England @ Cincinnati – The Bengals are coming off a loss to Cleveland and New England is starting to click a little. Dalton has been erratic and the run game isn’t there; averaging just over 80 yards per game. New England’s run game has been much better averaging 125 yards per game.  While Ther Bengals are passing a yard more per game than New England, the Patriots are usually winning and Tom Brady is more efficient. Patriots 27 – Bengals 19.

Detroit @ Green Bay – The Lions are roaring early, and have tied the Bears for first at 3-1. The Pack is off to a disappointing start, but coming back from a timely bye. I think this is one of those “Must” wins for Aaron Rodgers’ troops. Packers 37 – Lions 28.

Seattle @ Indianapolis – Seattle is 4-0 for the first time. They shouldn’t be, but for sloppy sandlot pick six by Matt Schaub last week. But Seattle is dominating defensively, and the Colts have been very successful at pushing people around on offense. The Colts also boast the 8th overall defense.  This one is a close call in Indianapolis. Seahawks 24 – Colts 20.

Baltimore @ Miami –Miami is fresh off a loss to the Saints and the Ravens are fresh from a 5 pick performance from Joe Flacco. Baltimore is 28th in rushing; ahead of only St. Louis, Jacksonville, NY Giants and Pittsburgh. That’s a combined 1-15, folks. Miami is much better and losing to New Orleans is no shameful deed. I think the Dolphins win and we could see the Browns atop the AFC North before the day is done. Dolphins 23 – Ravens 17.

New Orleans @ Chicago – After being beaten by the Lions last week, the Bears still have a lot to prove. They have a good defense, but New Orleans is the team with the 6th ranked defense coming in. After praising Cutler last week, he goes out and throws 3 picks. But that’s what you get. The Saints are back to where they were a couple of years ago with Payton back. I really like the Bears this year, but I’m afraid the Saints have too much fire power in this one. Saints 38 – Bears 28.

Philadelphia @ New York Giants – Wow, what a game. The Eagles defense is dead last and the vaunted Chip Kelly offense is 2nd in yardage production, but 12th in points scored. New York has to win sooner or later, but their O-line is just awful. They need Andre Brown back, but who knows if that will help. Mike Vick is not the QB to lift them onto his shoulders and is inaccurate. Giants 38 – Eagles 31.

Jacksonville @ St. Louis – Another real classic here. Neither team is very good. They can’t stop anybody and they can’t move the ball. MJD was poised for a comeback, but can’t get anywhere. Jacksonville insists on Blaine Gabbert when it is clear Henne is a better option. Patience is wearing thin concerning Sam Bradford and Darryl Richardson for that matter.  The Rams are fresh off a win over Baltimore, so that is a plus. Rams 27 – Jaguars 13.

Kansas City @ Tennessee – Kansas City is off to a great start at 4-0. Tennessee is off to a great start at 3-1. Both are surprises. Locker is banged up And the Titans must rely on Ryan Fitzpatrick to move the offense. There are a lot worse guys to fall to, so this isn’t that bad. The Chiefs’ defense is #7 and Tennessee is #9. This game is going to close. Alex Smith is a great leader and Charles is more involved. Can they go to 5-0?  Yes. Chiefs 20 – Titans 17.

Carolina @ Arizona – Two similar teams trying to improve. Cam Newton has to start passing more, and DeAngelo Williams must continue to be utilized. The Cardinals again have running issues. Mendenhall was supposed to help in that department, but after last week, he could lose his job to Ellington. Carson Palmer must develop more chemistry with his receivers too. Defenses are close, and this is a very important game. Cardinals 24 – Panthers 23.

Denver @ Dallas – Can anybody stop the Manning Express? Dallas can get after the quarterback, and that is their one hope. Tony Romo hasn’t been real explosive as yet, but Peyton has. The Cowboys HAVE to hound Manning or they will lose. If Denver loses, I would be surprised. Broncos 38 – Cowboys 30.

Houston @ SanFrancisco – After Schaub’s Pick Six heard around the world, Houston is up in arms over their quarterback. They should be. This is a veteran with experience. Houston is very capable of beating the 49ers, and I think they will. Kaepernick is not the same player we saw at the end of last year.  If I am wrong, Houston’s season could go South.  Texans 24 – 49ers 22.

San Diego @ Oakland – McFadden is hurt again, and Pryor is coming back from a concussion. Phillip Rivers has been lighting it up with his arm again. Gates is healthy and looking like the Antonio of old. Neither defense is very good, but Oakland is going to be struggling to keep up. I like the Chargers attitude this year and they may make a little noise. Chargers 35 – Raiders 20.

NY Jets @ Atlanta – The Jets are 2-2 and certainly could…or should be 0-4. Atlanta are 1-3 but have lost to New Orleans, Miami and New England. They are the better team and will show it. Using a phrase from Denny Green regarding the Jets this time – They are who we think they are. Falcons 38 – Jets 16.

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