Chaos & Disorder Episode 20- Come on in and get you a SprinkleStein

Guest author Deacon Rock here. It’s Briggs and Finkelstein helming the ship this time… what could possibly go wrong? Well, strap in, buckle up, bite down, and prepare yourself for a show that will melt your mind, or at the very least have you questioning some life choices. With that disclaimer, Briggs and Finkelstein discus A LOT of golf. They discuss the US Open, fights on the course, a Hall of Fame QB’s track record for drafting QBs, Minshew vs Lawrence, explosive diarrhea, poor mama Finkelstein, best sports venues and memories. The guys also uncovered the deepest secrets held by Mr. Fleeger, and the fact that he slurps coffee in Cannes. Hope you enjoy… buy more importantly, we really hope this uploads and Finkelsteing didn’t fudge ripple this all up. Cheers yinz!

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