7 Things to take away from Week 1

As we all know, Week 1 usually isn’t a trend setter. Lots of times there are anomalies that correct themselves; such as CJ Spiller averaging 2.4 yards per carry. But there are some things you can just tell are there. Here’s seven things I can take away from Week 1. Feel free to comment at asylumfootball@gmail.com   by Rick Briggs, Asylum Football


  1.       Denver is the most dangerous team in the AFC.  Maybe most people thought they would win.  Maybe a lot thought they would win handily. But when you go out there and dismantle the reigning Super Bowl champions like Denver did, and make it look easy to boot: you are a very good team. Let’s not forget they did it without Von Miller and Champ Bailey on defense too. The Broncos should cruise through the season and Peyton Manning looks every bit as good as ever.
  2.       Kansas City could be coming together. Most people had them as a second place finisher to Denver last year and even sneaking into the playoffs.  But they had no QB, Romeo Crennel seemed to be in over his head, although I think by fate he was supposed to be there during the tragic murder suicide incident last year. Andy Reid looks to have them starting to come together and Alex Smith is a good QB. Big fantasy guy? No, but he is a leader and a good quarterback to lead this team.
  3.       SanFrancisco can adapt and win. This is a solid football team. Remember last year when Kaepernick ran all over Green Bay? Well, they weren’t going to let him do that and consequently he only ran for 22 yards. Bad news for Green Bay is he torched them for over 400 yards. On top of that, over 200 went to Anquon Boldin who was wide open all day. They can run, throw and suffocate you on defense.
  4.       Pittsburgh has more problems than they can solve. There were a ton of question marks going into the season. After the first week, there are a lot more. Pouncey is gone for the year along with Foote and Stephens-Howling, with little evidence they can be replaced. The defense is the lone bright spot. Ben is trying to make things happen and holds on to the ball too long, the small receivers can’t get open and they can’t run the ball. Not to mention Redman can’t hold on to the ball either. A long season is in store for the Black and Gold.
  5.       RGIII has a ways to go. I know he is dynamic and a freak athlete, but not everybody comes back from a knee injury like Adrian Peterson. Griffin looked rusty, but more importantly, he looked tentative. This will come, so don’t worry.
  6.       Every NFC Division is up for Grabs. Not one single division winner is certain in the NFC. Denver is winning the AFC West, Houston the South and New England the East. There is no clear cut winner in any one of the NFC’s four divisions. I can think of ten teams with legitimate shots at a division title in the NFC and the other six teams will have something to say about the outcome.

       7.        Jacksonville is by far the worst team when Blaine Gabbert plays. I don’t know how much better they will be   with Henne in there, but they certainly can NOT be worse. Gabbert had a QBR of under 50 and the only points scored were a safety by the defense. This team is bad and for whatever reason, they want Gabbert to be the man.  Henne, who had the offense moving when he was in last year, is a better option. His numbers aren’t spectacular, but they aren’t abysmal either.

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